Custom tailored to your needs .

In order to offer you an excellent and efficient service at all times, IT doctors benefit from a wide range of services that underline our philosophy of transparent IT consulting..

Contractually agreed service level agreements .

The real quality of an IT service provider is especially evident in the event of problems and failures. We want to prevent possible questions and inconsistencies, so you will receive fixed service level agreements (SLAs), which guarantee reliability and high availability. Feel free to contact us for more information..

Continuous monitoring for enhanced security .

We take care of the ongoing monitoring of the servers and the entire infrastructure for our customers - so you can fully concentrate on your core competency. In the event of errors and problems, you will be informed, but will not have to take any further steps. This allows you to benefit from extremely short reaction times in the event of a fault..

Continuous hardware monitoring .

One of the worst scenarios in information technology is the failure of one or more components. In order to actively counteract this problem, we rely on continuous hardware monitoring, which in advance detects hardware problems and gives us enough time to intervene..

Guaranteed reaction times of maximum two hours (2h) .

In the unlikely event of a system crash or hardware failure, it is important that a reaction that is as close to time as possible is to minimize the damage. Most IT service providers do not offer contract-controlled response times. This point is particularly important to us, so we guarantee a maximum response time of two hours (2h) after telephone alarming. Within this time, the data center staff will begin the problem analysis of your specific fault..

Hardware exchange within 4 hours .

Hardware failures do not know any holidays. If hardware defects are present, it is unquestionable that the repair must be carried out promptly and professionally by the responsible host. However, a large proportion of providers do not adhere to this enormously important principle; Support requests outside of business hours are usually paid and additional packages are only offered at overpriced prices..

IT Physicians offer 24x7 support: Within 4 hours, the defective hardware is replaced and your system runs again - 24 hours a day, 365 days a year
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